July 23, 2020

Hello Church Unstoppable Family,

 We miss you all so much! We are praying for you, and words cannot express how much we love each and everyone one of you. With the recent restrictions from the Governor, we will be following the orders as we prioritize the safety of the high-risk population we have in C.U while also providing opportunities to gather as a community. We are praying and hoping that this pandemic ends soon.

For the time being, it is important for us that our church family is being taken care of as we get creative with our gatherings. Every decision we make is about what is best for our church community, and NOT based on any political or social influence. We promise to make careful but not fearful decisions that value and cater the overall well-being of our church community. We want to assure you that pastoral care is also available during this time.

Though it has been a difficult season for most of us, these kinds of challenges are perfect for God to stir us up to become all that He called us to be. We are blessed to hear testimonies of people receiving miracles and to see people getting fired up to pursue their God–given purpose even more.

To be Unstoppable this season, here are some things we need to keep doing.


3 Things We Must Keep Doing

1.      Prayer and Worship

Though there is a lot of uncertainty, instability, and fear going around, those things make it even more important for us to seek the presence of God through prayer and worship. Being in His presence has never been more needed. Prayer changes us, or the situation around us. Worship reminds us who is on the throne, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Seeking and finding His presence give us peace and comfort that God is still in control.

How can I keep doing it?

–          Join our Wednesday Prayer and Worship nights at 7PM on FB Live. This will give you the midweek in-filling of the Spirit, which we desperately need and desire.

–          More importantly, strengthen our personal prayer and worship life. We are not called to pray and worship out of obligation; instead, we choose to seek His presence through prayer and worship because we desire Him. It is such a blessing that we have the freedom to do this individually and collectively. Let us make it a priority!

2.      Gathering

This season has revealed that we are not meant to be isolated; we are supposed to be a part of a community in which we can share our lives with. In-person gathering is still the best kind of fellowship among the believers; however, we are all facing some challenging times that we must be creative in meeting that spiritual need to gather as a community.

The early church met daily and grew in numbers and in the Word tremendously because they were faithful in their togetherness. Let us challenge ourselves to find that avenue to gather in a way that preserves our collective physical and spiritual well-being.

How can I keep doing it?

–          Make sure you join us on Sundays at 10 AM. It is our best offer for the time being. This is not permanent though, and we will continue to innovative to ensure that we can provide that life-giving gathering we all need whether online or in-person.

–          Come to the in–person outdoor activities we will be doing these coming months. It is not the same as our in-person worship service but will be a good complementary option.

3.      Giving

The true test of giving is when it is sacrificial in nature. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son…” When God loved us, He gave. We have been blessed to be surrounded by a church community that gives not just their finances but also their time. Giving extravagantly is an outflow of our gratefulness and you have shown time and time again your faithfulness in this. We encourage you to keep giving, so we can fulfill the mission and vision that God gave our church family. During this time of pandemic when most of the churches are struggling financially to keep operating, C.U stepped up to the plate and donated to 30 churches from 10 countries all over the world. 

How can I keep doing it?

–          Be faithful with your tithes and offering. Our church was built from the faithfulness of our leaders and members who believe that they are stewards of God’s blessings. Some of us might be in a financial crunch and are struggling, but we pray for God’s grace to be upon so you can give out of your love for Him. It is not the amount but our obedience that counts.

–          Sign up to volunteer. Give your time to help others in need. These coming months, we will be activating our outreach team to go full blast in helping our communities in Sonoma, Solano, and possibly Marin County. Sometimes you do not have the finances yet, but you have the strength and time to bless somebody and that is equally important. 

We are CHURCH UNSTOPPABLE! Challenging times do not derail us from our purpose. We will rise during this pandemic because this divided world needs a united and powerful Church.


Let’s do this! 

Pastors Andrev and Michaela Baltazar