Leading with Anticipation  

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Two things you need to lead with anticipation are Proactivity and Flexibility. 

Describe a time when someone has led with proactivity and saw potential problem before it existed and prepared a solution before the problem presented itself. It could be you or it could be someone else. 


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Posted : 04/04/2020 7:54 pm
New Member

I remembered reading about a person in a real estate investing book. He owned an investment property in the Arizona market. He foresaw a tech company moving out of the area and going overseas. This tech company provided most of the jobs in the area. So before the tech company started moving, the investor sold his property at the peak and bought in a more stable market. Long story short, the market crashed, unemployment sky rocketed and property values went down.

Posted : 06/04/2020 1:20 pm
New Member

Community is a foundational value at Discovery Church. I was given the opportunity to oversee the Next Step area at my church. We believe every person has a purpose. I gathered resources and attended training to start Growth Track. It is through Growth Track, we take people on a journey to discover that purpose so they can live life to the fullest by using their gifts to serve God and others. After eight months, Growth Track was reevaluated. "Don't marry the METHOD, marry the MISSION" my pastor always says. Sometimes you have to change WHAT you have to do in order to achieve your goals and create success, but always stay focused on your end goal..the mission!! Growth Track was ousted. I learned, grew and was stretched teaching Growth Track, I can say I achieved my goal of fear to speak in front of a room of strangers.  The solution of "Welcome Home" is in the works. Still keeping with discovering purpose for every believer to live their life to the fullest by using gifts to serve God and others.

Posted : 06/04/2020 4:53 pm
New Member

In my profession part of my duties are to anticipate potential problems. With the information provided to me I have to look into the future and discuss various scenarios that could potentially happen and create a plan for when they do happen. 

For example: When I am working with a child I have to anticipate their behaviors. If I know that they have a history of running away from their foster home during Christmas time, I am going to figure out why Christmas time is hard for them, what memories are triggered, what the foretelling signs are before they run, what safety precautions are in place and what needs to be added, and what will each person on the team do to make sure the child is safe and knows what to do if the child DOES run. In most instances we are able to prevent the child from running because we figured out the problem before it became the problem (i.e. The child misses their biological family during Christmas and they don’t want to celebrate family time without the people they love). 

Posted : 07/04/2020 12:11 pm
New Member

I've always been flexible in leading and managing AdoboS N' More, but I can definitely be better at being proactive at anticipating potential problems.  This unexpected times of COVID-19 has definitely taught me how to be proactive at finding possible solutions to the current problem of events cancelling left and right which means little to no income for the business.  I've learned to be flexible and open to possible solutions towards continuing to operate and at the same time following the government's guidelines. I'm certain that many restaurant owners and small business owners are all experiencing the same difficulties and at the same time being innovative in ideas on how to still earn during this time.

Posted : 07/04/2020 1:20 pm
Lawrence Buot 3
New Member

When coronavirus was first reported in January, our school director and other administrative staff anticipated the possible fallout of this virus arriving in the US. They realized that this can become a serious threat and may force the school to cancel in-person classes. So before the government and the Santa Rosa School Districts gave them a warning of the possibility, our school director proactively reached out to our IT Manager and assembled an IT support team in order to create an online platform for our school. Our school ended up signing up for Google G suite before everyone else slowed down the process and integrated all our online tools so that all the teachers, staff and specialists can easily continue their lesson plans and treatments upon the event of a shutdown. Due to this proactive and flexible response to a potential problem, our school was able to seamlessly transition to an online platform. This benefited the students and the staff when the schools were shut down. The school was able to make the online platform available immediately and allowed the students to continue school with the least interruption. We received a lot of positive feedback from parents and the students. This also raised the morale of the staff during a difficult time and allowed us to unite to meet our student's needs. 

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Posted : 07/04/2020 9:43 pm
New Member

An example of leading with anticipation and see potential for the future is the moment when Pastora Milkee lead a team for Merry Market. She was really clear with the expectation for this first time event. We all contribute proactive and always thought for the future. We all did a great job:

  1. Anticipating Problems that we could face once the event starts.
  2. Initiate and being one step ahead on each area. 
  3. Recalibrate, we did notice some great things we can change or add into the next Merry Market. 

Just thinking about the details like having baskets to put the toys, having someone helping them and guiding them etc, help the event flow and reduce mistakes.  

Posted : 07/04/2020 11:03 pm
New Member

In the Health & Beauty industry it is a top priority have flexibility and to be proactive. This is a consumer/ customer based business that is profitable only when you have business. I thought I was proactive and flexible by having savings and living on a budget. Staying prepared by having supplies on hand and having substantial savings to take time off for emergencies or extended time off. (My current situation) I was only looking at it from a financial perspective. Now I know I have some areas for growth for the future new challenges ahead.

Posted : 10/04/2020 3:39 pm
Brother Hutch
New Member

In my past career as a Paramedic, I used "Pro-activity" and "Flexibility" everyday I worked. In Alameda County, Oakland there was plenty of 911 calls to run everyday. Everything from the common colds to heart attacks, congestive heart failures, asthma, diabetic problems, shootings, vehicle accidents and so on.

On all these calls, especially calls with multiple patients that required at the moment triage and care, being "proactive" and "flexible" in everything we did, was not only essential but could result in saving lives. To the contrary, if I was not "proactive" and "inflexible" on certain calls, at the least it would make my job harder and more complicated and could very well lead to hurting a patient or even causing a death.

One call I would like to tell you about, short version, is a shooting that took place at a diner involving drug families in the east bay. The diner was an old school drive in type so it had windows around most of it so you could easily see in or out. The intended victims were eating there late one night, close to midnight. While eating, 4 or 5 gunmen with automatic weapons approached in a stealthily manner. From various points outside they opened fire on their intended victims causing much collateral damage as other innocent diners were there eating and hanging out as well. 

As we responded to the call, driving code-3 down the long boulevard towards the diner, we saw a plethora of police cars intermittently parked, their lights reflecting off the haze in the air left by gunfire and night mist/fog. My partner and I were amped, full of nervous energy and excited at what we were about to roll up on. As we approached closer we were waived in by police. There was multiple patients, some wounded and alive, some dead, which of course we did not know just yet.

As we parked, we immediately called dispatch for 4 to 6 more ambulances and that we would update momentarily if we needed more and advised them to notify the trauma centers in the area. (Highland Hosp., Oakland, John Muir Hops. Walnut Creek, and Castro Valley Hosp., Castro Valley). We wanted to give them a heads up as each trauma center can only take so many patients at one time. This will help facilitate patient care to those wounded patients by first getting the proper amount of personnel and equipment needed and help the hospitals make room and get personnel ready on their end. We also advised incoming units on the best and proper access and egress to the scene so they could get in and out expeditiously. We also inquired about a helicopter but if memory serves they were unavailable due to the fog or being utilized somewhere else. I can't really remember at this time. All of this was just as we arrived as police gave us a rundown of the scene and patients and as we began to triage the scene. It was all proactive or "pro-activity" and we as usual had to be extremely flexible" as no two calls are the same and this call in particular had many parts to it. Multiple victims, various injuries from simple flesh wounds, to life threatening and dead on arrival or DOA. 

As units arrived, post or after triage, we dished out the most severe or code/savable dead patients first to the first arriving units. They went to the closest trauma centers. As so on.

We took the last patient who had a gun shot wound to his left femur. His femur was broken in half and he was losing a lot of blood. We used a special splint on his femur and pulled traction to straighten his broken femur. It was called a Hare Traction Splint. We gave him morphine just prior to pulling traction to help with the pain and gave him a large bore IV of normal Saline to replenish fluids as we transported him to a trauma center. He lived. 🙂  

In this call and almost every other call I ever ran between 1987 and 2011, I used (pro-activity and flexibility) to properly care for and transport patients to the appropriate emergency room, burn unit or psych center they needed to go to.



Chris Hutcheson 🙂 

Posted : 10/04/2020 6:22 pm
New Member

Working as a manager for a shipping department, I must have the mindset of thinking proactively and be flexible in all I do. No day is the same. We ship out 60-70 orders a day, along with receiving freight shipments throughout the day. There was one day in particular where we were expecting an extremely large shipment, that had to turn around and be shipped right back out that same day. Along with all our regular orders. I thought for days and how I could prepare my team and position ourselves for success. From coordinating all the shipping labels ahead of time, pallets and boxes prepped and ready for packing. I needed myself and my team to be flexible in our daily routine to accomplish this. The day came and we were victorious! 
This was one of many successful days for my department. It took thinking proactively, being flexible and working together as a team to reach our goals. 

Posted : 12/04/2020 1:07 pm
Scott Cruciskhank
New Member

Years ago I worked as the Dining Services Director at a retirement community. It was a community of around 200 residents, my job was to run the front of house staff in the restaurant at the community. Doing this role it was very important to be flexible and proactive because of each resident having different needs and food allergies, also for most residents, we were the only option for a good meal so excellent service was paramount. We implemented policies to ensure quality in all situations. Every day of the week had two wait staff on "on-call" if we needed them to fill in our extra help, they were reminded each morning if they were "on-call" that they could be called in. Another big one was meeting with new residents and their families before they moved in to find out any allergies or food requests or dietary restrictions. If they had any we would note that in our system so that when they ordered the server would be prompted with any special requests or restrictions. Meeting with them before allowed us ample time to adapt our  food ordering or our dining service to best accommodate and serve them.     

Posted : 13/04/2020 12:48 pm
Harlie Cruickshank
New Member

When I was working as an environmental educator in Ecuador and leading groups of high school students on week-long service projects we had several policies in place to ensure the safety of our students and anticipate any safety concerns that may have arisen. The year prior to my working there was a massive earthquake that occurred while a high school group was in the country. Obviously it's hard to prepare for natural disasters that are unpredictable, but having policies in place that account for any type of situation is a good idea. The team I worked with was proactive in creating policies and procedures that were safe, considered many possibilities and outcomes, and allowed for flexibility. A small example was recognizing that in their culture it was normal for bus drivers to be late so we always anticipated this and made sure to tell our contracted drivers to arrive at a time before we actually needed to leave. That way we made sure we were always on schedule and didn't have to waste time or resources. Of course, we made sure to be flexible as well so that even if the bus driver was late it would not throw off the entire day. 

Posted : 13/04/2020 12:59 pm
New Member

At my previous church, my oldest sister was the president for the National Fijian AOG Youths. When she got elected, there was a lot of things she foresaw that were potential problems. One of them was the lack of training and resources available to some of the youth leaders. She saw that if she didn't take action and be proactive about what she was seeing, the Fijian youth groups of the churches would die out spiritually.

"Youth leaders didn't have access to trainings, district help and resources. They were given these roles but didn't have the tools to be successful. There wasn't a culture of leadership. The churches didn't invest in their youth and train up people to take over once they'd moved out of those roles." - Lite Matasau

Seeing that, she knew that would be a potential problem for future youth leaders & future National Fijian AOG Youth presidents; the future young generation of the Fijian culture. She started meeting with the youth leaders from all the AOG Fijian churches to keep them updated on trainings to attend from the district, workshops for youth leaders to take their youth members to, resources from the district to help the youth leaders as well as the youth pastors and events youth members could take part in. 

Posted : 14/04/2020 4:21 pm
Mikee Macarandang
New Member

Back when i was in college on my 3rd year our family business(hardware supply) kinda loss most of our clients because of other business who are giving gifts to the purchasing departments of the clients that resulted to give more favor to this businesses to supply for their needs which our business also caters too .it hits us hard i remember my parents having problems on paying the expenses from car to house to my school tuition but the good thing is my mom saved up money that it really helps us survive that year i remember we didn’t even celebrated my graduation when i graduated luckily after that moment we gain most of our clients because they got caught on accepting gift from other businesses 

Posted : 14/04/2020 6:30 pm
Cyrus Navarro
New Member
Posted by: @michaela

Two things you need to lead with anticipation are Proactivity and Flexibility. 

Describe a time when someone has led with proactivity and saw potential problem before it existed and prepared a solution before the problem presented itself. It could be you or it could be someone else. 

At the beginning of the shelter in place order in Sonoma County, my colleague is in charge of keeping the business running. Based on the trends he saw in other countries and industries, and the discussions taking place with Upper Management, he foresaw that we will eventually need to make drastic changes in how we work. He drew up plans on his OWN TIME to divide the staff and physical building into four distinct areas and groups as a precaution in case the situation progresses. At this time, there was not really any solid plan in place from the corporate offices, however not soon after the order came to make the same plans.

On a larger scale, the California governor and Sonoma county leaders are definitely being proactive in this time. They were among the first to order mandatory shelter-in-place and facial masks, long before it was adopted nationwide. The data clearly shows that this helped to flatten the curve in our areas, compared to other regions.

Posted : 14/04/2020 11:40 pm
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