Coaching Skills For Leaders - Prior Experience  

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1. In a previous work environment, I had to input human specimen data into the company database and I was trained by the laboratory section trainer. The trainer taught me how to identify different drugs on the specimen labels, the abbreviations/code numbers for different drugs, where to enter certain information if the specimen looked like it had been tampered with and so many other tasks I had to memorize. What I found most helpful was that he would show me a certain task and then have me try it out hands on right after him. 


2. When it came to coaching others at that job, it was smooth for the most part. One part of the coaching I found challenging was the part where I had to slow down and remember to not throw too much information at the trainee all at once. Too much information at once can be overwhelming. And at that job, when one became overwhelmed, it would make the individual more prone to make mistakes when entering specimen information into the database. We had to make sure our mistake count was below five. I hope to improve my coaching performance in the areas of going at the pace of the individual being coached and making sure the individual has a clear understanding of the tasks/assignments before leaving the individual on their own. 

Posted : 28/05/2020 3:11 am
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When I started recoding music, I had many family members who had already been singing for years but not many who had recorded their own music. One day when accompanying my aunt to a prayer meeting at a church at the age of 12. I met a man who at the time i didn’t know had multi national recording deals. He had recorded many Gospel greats, stood along side other Gospel music giants who if I mentioned the name you’d recognize. He found out how I loved music and listened to one of my early recordings. He began to teach me about the importance of song structures and how to create catchy choruses and melodies that captivate the heart. He also taught me about the power of a honing My gifts and talents to be used for the Kingdom of God. These were the basics That helped me create the foundation i know and how i teach others to be versatile and flexible with their gifts.

I appreciate the importance of being taught. When i started teaching it wasn’t something i knew i was doing at first. I had to develop a system as i went along. I helped people discover their talent in writing or singing. Using the foundation given to me i shared my knowledge in hopes of giving them the boost needed to propel them into their gifting. Helping them see the potential in themselves has been the most challenging. You can teach someone the things they need to know, but it takes them actually believing they can achieve what has been taught them.

Posted : 30/07/2020 1:49 pm
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